Jason Collins

Jason CollinsRexanne tells me that I need to write a bio because people want to know about me. I would much rather tell you about Jesus. He is far more interesting that I, but I have learned that the best way to keep the peace is to follow instructions. So here goes. Please try to stay awake!

Over the years there have been two “Jasons” and I am guessing that people want to know about both me and him.  I say that because the old Jason died on July 8, 2013 and when I talk about him it is really like I am talking about someone else: someone who is no longer with us.  See, that old Jason was not a very nice person.  He was selfish and arrogant, and he would take advantage of every opportunity, if it would benefit him, regardless of who got hurt or who got in the way.  His life was filled with sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, and a list of other things, but not very much of God.  All of that changed in a remarkable moment in 2013.

He fell to the ground and heard a voice say to him, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” (Acts 9:4)

I really identify with the Apostle Paul.  See, my path was very similar to Paul’s in that Jesus showed up and knocked both of us off our horses and literally changed our lives in a flash.  Neither of us were on some quest to find God.  Paul was on his way to murder Christians and Jason was well on his way to doing his own thing without any respect or regard for what Jesus had planned.  I can clearly remember how the world looked different after the scales had been lifted from my eyes and I could see the death and evil that surrounds us every day.

So I have really hit the ground running.  I am an insatiable biblical scholar.  I simply cannot get enough of the Word of God.  Filling my time and my mind with as much scripture as possible has really helped me to develop a new direction in my life.  One of my favorite sayings has always been, “Books are where all of the secrets of the world are hidden.”  The Bible is where all of the secrets of the Kingdom of God are hidden and those are far more useful than any secrets this world can offer.  I pray every day that people come to have a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the Word of God and what it means to walk in His Kingdom and in His authority.

Mission IS-possible!

After I accepted Jesus as my Savior I was filled with the desire to help others and it is through that calling that Rexanne and I have started Grace International Outreach and our work in the Dominican Republic.  Through this ministry and with the help of our sponsors and supporters we are able to follow the commandment of Jesus Christ, “Feed my sheep,” (John 21:17).  We provide clothing, food, education and outreach services to some of the Dominican Republic’s poorest people, while spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and showing them that Love still exists in this fallen world.  Our goals are to expand our ministry to include housing for other missionaries who come to work, building sanitary toilet facilities and water storage in areas where poverty abounds, and to attack teen pregnancy and unemployment through education and job training programs.

Spreading the Word

One of the things that I enjoy most is sharing the Good News and the Truth of Jesus with others.

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (Romans 10:17 KJV)

Our words are powerful and we are instructed and commanded to go forth into every country and SPEAK the Word of God to this Creation!  Preaching and teaching what the Holy Spirit has revealed to me is one of the very best blessings that God can give me.  I really enjoy sharing the Word and seeing the impact that those seeds have in the lives of those who hear them.


  1. Randy Carlson

    Jason are you going back to village where you guys built that house for that lady..I would like a pic


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