Dominican Republic Ministry Partners

Dominican Republic Ministry Partners

We know where ever we are doing God’s work, He WILL show out. He always does! This was an amazing weekend, but Saturday was the best of all. This our first Saturday on this trip, we spent with some of the children from Don Pedro.

Meet our Dominican ministry partners, Leo and Reyna…..¬†Grace International Outreach Ministry Partners

We are Rockin’ the Children’s Ministry!!!!

Almost two years ago we met Pastor Leo and his wife Reyna. At that time they were ministering a few times a year to some very poor children in Don Pedro, a nearby village area outside Santiago in the Dominican Republic.

Last October Jason and I ¬†followed God’s call and started a ministry partnership with them. It is really amazing what God has done in all of our lives in such a very short period of time.

The two girls in the center of this photo are just two of the over 100 children in the village of Don Pedro. These children need continual exposure to the Word of God if they have any chance of having a life that does not include drugs and prostitution.

We really need your help to move this to the next level. Please consider making a one-time or recurring contribution. In order to fully fund this Saturday children’s ministry we need $400 per month. Please consider giving so that these children may continue to be exposed to God’s word on a weekly basis. In addition to two hours of Jesus time, the children in attendance are fed a meal. Give by clicking the link below > > >


As always we love you all and appreciate your contribution to help us continue to help the children and families in Don Pedro.

Jason and RexanneJason and Rexanne


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