Fireproof Your Marriage -50 Shades of Pray, 8 Part Series

prioritiesIt is always exciting for us to do as God leads. Our ministry has different facets which serve different purposes. The plan God had for us still amazes me. This plan, which He gave to us in pieces, would serve to not only grow US but prepare us for the plan He had for us.

One facet of our ministry is Fireproof Your Marriage. Fireproof Your Marriage was given to us by God to help grow us and prepare us for what He was going to send us to do. It is through fireproofing our marriages that we can forge strong families that can withstand the tests of time. And we share THAT message here in the U.S. and in the Dominican Republic.

This part of our ministry is called Fireproof Your Marriage. We have done a few different series over the last year and a half. When God guided us towards doing another (but different) Fireproof Your Marriage video series, we quickly answered, “Yes, Lord.” As always, shortly after we said yes to God, He gave us exactly WHAT He wanted us to do…and we called it 50 Shades of Pray. I know, the name is catchy and attention getting, considering 50 Shades of Grey just came out in theaters. My husband, Jason, actually came up with the title. To hear the story of just how that happened, just listen carefully to the first part of the video below.

Part 1 of our new series, 50 Shades of Pray, is about the importance of making your marriage and your spouse a priority. Did you know when our homes (marriages) are out of order our homes are as well? Today’s video is about headship and the importance of your relationship with your spouse being top priority (right after your relationship with God). Watch Part 1 now:

-When our homes are out of order (meaning we don’t put our spouse first) it is detrimental to our marriage, and it is devastating to our children.

-When our homes are out of order we lead our children astray with regard to how marriage is supposed to work.

-When our homes are out of order, we will experience significant struggle and failure that affects everyone in the home.

In Part 1 we explain in detail why prioritizing your marriage is important. We also share 10 ways you can TRANSFORM your marriage. In case you want to print those out, I am listing them below.

1. Check your attitude. Is it good or bad? Hopeful or hopeless? Encouraging or nagging? We can’t change anyone but ourselves. We need to pray and step back out of the way so the Holy Spirit can work.

2. Show your love. I just said yesterday how important it is to do small things on a regular basis that show your spouse love and affection. Simple gestures go far and have been known to completely change their mood.

3. Be positive. Did you know that it takes nine positive statements to make up for one negative remark?

4. Sexual intimacy. There is nothing you can do to replace or substitute this one. It deserves your attention. If you are not nurturing your spouse emotionally, physically and spiritually you will leave the door open for Satan to work. It is equally important to attend to all of these areas yet sexual intimacy is frequently the one put on the back burner. We are here to serve our spouse and that includes sex. Don’t forget though that marital sex is a inner mingling of sorts just as much as it is a physical thing.

5. Be your spouse’s BFF. After awhile, things get way to casual and settled to the point that we take our spouse for granted. We are no longer as patient or forgiving as we once were. We should strive to be our spouse’s best friend.

6. Date night. Yes!!! Marriage should be fun. Consistently fun until death do us part. Be creative. Think of fun, romantic, different things to do that keep the spark in your marriage.

7. Be grateful. The devil loves to get in our head and spew out all the things about our spouse that agitate us….but the good news is it’s easy to send him packing. Make a list of everything you are grateful for with regard to your spouse. Then pray thanking God for your spouse and ask Him to bless them.

8. Issues, situations and problems. We can’t fix everything. There are some things that might come up that we simply cannot do anything about. The good news is there is nothing outside the scope of God’s ability. Turn it over to Him and until God moves in the situation, find a way to cooperate so that neither of you lose.

9. Get spiritual, together. Bible study, prayer, reading…there are so many ways to help nurture your spouse spiritually. When we are getting closer to each other in that area, God will reveal how to change the other things about us that need improving.

10. Think big. Consider renewing your vows. Your marriage doesn’t have to be coming off of some near-divorce experience ordeal in order to benefit from renewing your vows. It can only strengthen your bond as it reminds you of the first time you promised to love one another forever. Not to mention it is extremely romantic!

We hope you enjoyed part 1 and we hope you will commit to watching all 8 videos in this series. That is only one per week! It may be the best hour (or less) that you spend all week learning something new or refreshing your mind in an effort to make your marriage better, more fulfilling and more Biblical.

Rexanne Collins

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