Sharing Jesus with the World – and My Own Backyard

Most every week, I go and read to a class of kindergartners at the elementary school in my home town. Today, we are going to talk about the Dominican Republic and the people who live there. It is important for the children of today to understand and embrace compassion early on. Making a difference in this world requires empathy and one cannot feel empathy without first embracing compassion for others.

I’m going to share some photos with the class so they can really understand the people we are helping through our ministry, Grace International Outreach. Today, they are going to learn so much about a group of people they have probably never heard of before.

On Friday, I am going back to school and they are going to help me make a video that we can take and share with the children we are ministering to in the Dominican Republic. This is an amazing adventure and I am so glad I can take my kindergarten class along for the ride.

North America and Caribbean Islands     Dominican Girls

Dominican House     Dominican boys

Playing in the River     Dominican House

Rexanne and Immanuel     Village Restroom

Washing clothes in the Dominican Republic     Rebuilding


We are heading out for another month long mission trip on March 24th. We appreciate your prayers as we continue to minister to the poor and share Jesus with the people of Don Pedro.


Rexanne and Immanuel


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